RACE REPLAY 2.2 [slider + with DNF cars]
RIFT VALLEY 1000 >>> Select Leg (and special)


Time lapse factor

Hello and welcome to our virtual online playground. This replay tool provides the opportunity, to review the race again and again. It's equipped with lots of functions, which support your demands for professional analyzation.

Some hints: Parallelize Starts equals all start-times of (selected) starters to the same value and simulates therefore a virtual mass-start. It's like you where started with everyone else at the same time and shows a head-on-head race on the track. Show trails will draw the track a vehicle has driven. Perfect to show navigation failures or tried shortcuts. Show reference track displays the real route as provides by the organization.

New features: Select the particular special, you like to see (optional). And we even show starters without finish-time now. (a wish and good idea from team #25)

Hope you have fun. The background color of the startnumbers indicate the actual speed. Green is slow, red is fast.